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Yoona Plastic Surgery SNSD Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Yoona is one of SNSD (Girl’s Generation) members who can’t avoid herself from plastic surgery issue. Many people believed that Yoona has been playing with several plastic surgery procedures. It because Yoona was noticed to appear much different than her in the past. So what did she have.

YoonaSNSDPlasticSurgery Yoona Plastic Surgery SNSD Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery

Yoona Nose Job

Nose job is procedure that associated with Yoona SNSD. It’s easy to find her young photos that widely spread on the internet, and many people a bit shocked since Yoona looked different with her today. One of her facial parts that dramatically changed was her nose.

We all can see that Yoona used to have flat nose shape, both in her nasal bridge and nose tip. But Yoona’s before after plastic surgery pictures show us how her former flat nose has been reshaped. It is now slimmer on the nasal bridge and more pointed on the nose tip.

It is hard to say if such significant changes on her nose caused by makeup effect. Otherwise, many people believe if nose job (or Rhinoplasty) procedure is the only reason behind that changes. Yoona even has been reported to get at least twice rhinoplasty. The revision rhinoplasty was intended to refine her first nose job result.

The nose job performed by plastic surgeon seemed to working well on Yoona. She appears more beautiful with her “new nose”. We couldn’t deny that Yoona looks cuter and more beautiful these days.

Yoona Jawline Reduction Surgery

Another procedure that done by Yoona is the jawline reduction. We seems don’t really need her admission to prove it. The change on Yoona’s jaw is obvious enough. As Yoona SNSD plastic surgery pictures show us, her jawline was wide and big in the past.

But again, it is too good to true if her jawline reduction is caused  by the weight loss or makeup trick. Jawline reduction surgery is the most reasonable reason to explain that. No matter what her reason but Im Yoona plastic surgery Before After pictures showed undeniable fact. What do you think?

Im Yoona is just like other members of SNSD who supposed to get plastic surgery. See Kim Hyoyeon and Kim Taeyeon who also reported to get plastic surgery. Don’t forget to share your thought about their plastic surgery results.

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