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Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Before and After

Yolanda Foster, one of the actresses of the real housewives of Beverly Hills, was born in the winters of 1964 in Holland. Her parents then moved to America, and it is here that the fame was waiting for her. She was raised by her mother alone because of the death of her father in a car accident. She has worked as a model, an actress and an interior designer since the age of 16 when she did her first hair show for her friend. She was a Ford Model too. Yolanda Foster did modeling for about 15 yeas before getting married in 1994 to Mohamed Hadid. The marriage lasted for six years, and they got divorced in the year 2000.

yolanda foster plastic surgery before and after 550x479 Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Before and After

Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Before and After

This very talented star actress is a mother of three children and has been talked about for her implants and other plastic surgeries. Yolanda Foster plastic surgery, before and after images, show a lot of differences in her photographs from one point of time to another. The speculation of Yolanda undergoing the surgery was proved right when it was accepted by her on the social media that she had to undergo surgery to get the breast implant removed because it started leaking under the skin.

Before this incident of surgery, Yolanda Foster had always denied undergoing any plastic surgery though plastic surgery is very obvious from the face of Yolanda Foster. Her face has changed many a time and that too in a very unnatural way. Sometime you could see the face fuller than before while the other times the wrinkles would just vanish. All this and much more was observed by those who looked at her before and after photos closely and carefully.

Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease in the year 2012, and this took her by surprise as she had never expected something like Lyme disease to happen to her. It was only after this incident that she said no to all kinds of cosmetic procedures and went on to become toxic-free. Her photos that showed that she was doing well were made public where she openly declared that she was going toxic-free.

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