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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Wendy Williams has been surrounding with plastic surgery reports since years ago. The host of The Wendy Williams Show actually has admitted that she gets some plastic surgery procedures. She stated that she had been playing with the surgeon’s knife since about 20 years ago. Wendy Joan Williams was born on July 18, 1964, and she is 50 years-old today. It means, Wendy had started her addiction to plastic surgery since in the age of 30s.

Wendy has appeared much different compared with her used to. From Wendy’s before and after plastic surgery pictures we can see how her body and face were dramatically changing. Many people wonder what kind of procedures she had.

WendyWilliamsPlasticSurgery Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams has admitted that she got at least breast implants and liposuction. However, besides her boob job, other possible procedures also appear on Wendy Williams. Let’s say procedures like tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty), nose job (rhinoplasty), cheek implants and Botox.

Wendy Williams Breast Implants

Does Wendy Williams have breast implants? This question sounds silly. Wendy herself admitted that she gets the boob job. The result of the surgeon’s work is obvious. She used to have small breasts which left wide empty space on the chest area. Whereas, as we can see in the After picture, she has much bigger breast. Wendy Williams’ fake boobs even got the double bigger size.

Wendy Williams Tummy Tuck

Another procedure Wendy had tummy tuck. We all know that Wendy had a bigger shape on tummy and wide waist shape. Wendy knew better that she had something unintended on her tummy area. Liposuction and tummy tuck are effective to remove excess fat and skin. It seems that Wendy gets advantages of it.

By the way Wendy Williams is a celebrity who has a feud with Lil Kim. Plastic surgery often involved in their debates. Lil Kim plastic surgery is a hot topic discussed by Wendy to taunt Lil Kim. However both of two have plastic surgery procedures.

Since her addiction to plastic surgery, many people wonder what her reason behind it. Wendy herself ever stated that she got plastic surgery to get body that matches her personality.

“I just wanted to fit into good clothes. I wanted the body that matched my personality. And the body I have now matches my personality.” Wendy told People.com in 2009.

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