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Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After

For celebrities who were famous for how good looking they were when they were younger, it is hard for them in the later stage of the life when the signs of aging starts to show up. This makes them to look towards the possibility of plastic surgery in order to keep her good looks. Victoria Principal is one such person. The actress who was born in Fukuoka, Japan, is also an author and businesswomen. She is famous for her character Pamela Barnes Ewing on the nighttime soap opera of the CBS, Dallas
For Victoria Principal, she was married to a plastic surgeon Dr. Harry Glassman. Even though nobody knows where he was the one who convinced her to undergo plastic surgery as the actress already has denied the claims that she had undergone surgery.

victoria principal plastic surgery before and after 550x326 Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging for her images before and after the surgery, we can say that Victoria Principal has undergone a facelift and also has used Botox to keep wrinkles away. The lines around the actress eyes and the forehead have disappeared judging her latest images. This is very unnatural for someone who celebrated her 60th birthday a few of years ago. Heavy use of fillers is clearly visible from her puffy cheeks. This has made the look very unnatural and waxy. There are rumors that she had got a nose job as well. The images over internet suggest that she might not be happy how that has turned out. Her nostrils have really sunken as they have removed too much tissue form it. And if you look from certain angels, it suggests that the surgery has really damaged her nose. There are clear signs of using lip fillers. Unfortunately for her, this too didn’t turn out well. Her lips are now unattractive, and the fillers have given it a new shape that has given her a new face, which makes her almost unrecognizable. The signs of eyelid surgery can be seen from her upper eyelid that has a new sharp line. This is common among older celebrities as they use it to remove all the sagging skin and to refresh her eyes. A brow lift is also said to be done. Another rumor is that Principal has undergone a breast reduction surgery. Rumor says that she had an implant before but has decided that she doesn’t need it anymore and may have removed it. Her images before and after suggests that her breast sizes are different.

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