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Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

VictoriaBeckhamplasticsurgery Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Victoria Beckham plastic surgery

Victoria Beckham admitted that she got plastic surgery. After years of leaving her plastic surgery rumor in silent, about a year ago David Beckham’s wife admitted that she had breast implants. Actually, together with her breast implants admission, she also said that those implants were removed.

Victoria Beckham plastic surgery especially for breast implants has attracted public since 2000s. People noticed that Victoria Beckham appeared with much bigger breasts, made people easily link her with plastic surgery.

However, when plastic surgery issue firstly rose, she didn’t admit it. She said that she is completely natural, except her fingernails. Victoria tried to hide her breast implants by saying that her bigger boobs caused by her dress style and push-up bras she wore.

Victoria Beckham was reported to get her first breast implants in the early 2000s, after she gave birth her first son. She changed her 34A to 34DD.

After nearly 15 years, the truth about Victoria Beckham plastic surgery revealed. The 40 years old English businesswoman didn’t explicitly say that she had it, but she clearly said that those implants weren’t on her anymore.

“I don’t have them any more. I think I may have purchased them,’ she told Allure magazine.

You can see the result of it easily in her pictures. Victoria Beckham’s before and after plastic surgery pictures show us clear evidences about her boob jobs.

Beside playing with breast augmentation (and breast reduction), Victoria Beckham is also rumored to play with plastic surgery on her face. Member of Spice Girls now appears much different with she used to be. If you see her past photo carefully, it is reasonable if she possibly gets cosmetic surgery, at least on her nose.

VictoriaBeckhamPictures Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Victoria Beckham Nose Job Pictures

Nose job or Rhinoplasty could be the reason behind her nose change. Victoria’s pictures show that her nose was big and bulbous in the past. Meanwhile as you can see, she now has smaller, narrower nose shape. Her  today nose is also more pointed, suits her face well. What do you think? Tell your opinion about Victoria Beckham plastic surgery results.

Other famous celebrities like Eva Longoria, Elsa Pataky and Elisha Cuthbert also combined this plastic surgery of nose job with the boob jobs. See Eva Longoria, Elsa Pataky and Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery results.

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