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Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
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Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Uma Thurman plastic surgery is becoming a hot topic. She attracts public attention with kind of plastic face. She makes people wonder about dramatic changes on her face. Recently, at The Slap premiere in New York, she appeared as if she is a different person. She seems to go crazy with plastic surgery. Many people almost unrecognized her, how about you? Uma Thurman is believed to get several plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, eyelift and Botox injection.

UmaThurmanPlasticSurgery Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

Uma Thurman Facelift

Facelift is one of the most possible plastic surgery procedures behind her recent face appearance. She seems to get it overdone. We can see from Uma Thurman’s before and after plastic surgery pictures that she appears so unnatural now. Although this facelift has successfully helped her to get younger face, but it also made her looked worse. We all are missing her natural beautiful face, aren’t we?

Uma Thurman Eyelift

Here is another procedure that making Uma Thurman looked so different today, the eyelift. It’s obvious that Uma Thurman got the surgeon’s touch on her eyes. Whoever her doctors, the result of their works are not too good. Contrarily, it made Uma looked scary with her asymmetrical eyes.

Uma Thurman Botox Injection

Uma Thurman said that her different appearance came from her makeup. She also predicted that people wouldn’t like it. Yeah, she probably right about the people opinion. However, people not only hate her makeup, more than that, it’s about plastic surgery results she denied.

UmaThurmanPlasticSurgeryPicture Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Picture

Excessive facelift combined with Botox injection resulting a new face of Uma Thurman. It made her looked so unnatural with ultra-flawless skin on face. What do you think about Uma Thurman plastic surgery? Which one you choose, the new face of Thurman, or the old one?

Plastic surgery has changed many faces of celebrities. See Renee Zellweger, Shannon Elizabeth and Adrienne Maloof who also changed their faces with plastic surgery.


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