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Tyra Banks plastic surgery

Born in Inglewood California on December 4th, 1973, Tyra Banks is one of top TV Personality and actress. Recently she has drawn a lot of attention towards her as the rumors of a possible plastic surgery emerged. It is reported that she has received more than one plastic surgery in different parts of her body. Experts use her pictures before and after to prove these rumors are true. But as for her fans, they still don’t why Tyra Banks decided to get surgery in the first place. Tyra Banks is a top model in the USA. She has appeared twice on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She started modeling when she was 16 and a still a high school student at Immaculate Heart High School. She started off with Elite Model Management and rose to fame quickly and even came to Europe for modeling. She reached the top point of her career when she received “Supermodel of the Year” award from VH1. She debuted in the film industry with the movie “Higher Learning”, which was released in 1995. Other famous movies include The Apartment Complex, Hannah Montana and others. Tyra Banks reportedly had his surgery so that she can maintain her good looks and personality.

Tyra Banks 550x309 Tyra Banks plastic surgery

She reportedly had a nose job that has refined her nasal. Naturally she has a thick and wide. Tip of her nose was fat and round. If someone argued that her nose was not in perfect alignment with her face, there was a little to argue. So it was understandable she did undergo a nose job as it is one of the common plastic surgical procedure in Hollywood. Nose of Tyra Banks now looks with a sharp and narrow nasals and nose tips, which looks in perfect compatible with her face. Whoever did Tyra Banks surgery, it has been done with perfection. Her new nose looks perfect on her face.

Other reported procedure Tyra Banks had been a breast implantation. If you look the pictures of Tyra Banks before and after the reported surgery, you can clearly see that her breasts now looks bigger than her natural breasts. She has undergone the surgery after feeling that her natural breasts were not so perfect. It was unacceptable for an actress to have a breast that is not compatible with her body. It will affect her career big time. She has undergone the surgery and has enhanced her figure. She now has C-Cup breasts, which looks perfect on her body.

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