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Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Tina Turner is considered as one of celebrities who aging gracefully. And as many suspect her, Tina Turner secret is plastic surgery. Well, Tina herself admitted that she has had work done. However she didn’t admit all of plastic surgery addressed to her. Tina Turner says yes to nose job, but not to boob job, facelift and Botox that was accused to her.

TinaTurnerPlasticSurgery Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Tina Turner Plastic Surgery

Tina Turner Nose Job

Unlike other procedures, Tina Turner plastic surgery of nose job is not a rumor. She openly said that she has it. It’s likely that Tina is wise enough in taking this nose job. She doesn’t take it too far. Tina Turner also conveys that her rhinoplasty (nose job) is just for revision purpose. You can see her nose specialist work in her Before and After pictures. What do you think about Tina Turner nose job result?

Tina Turner Facelift and Botox

While Tina Turner didn’t too open about facelift and Botox injection, expert gave us clues. A prominent American plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn said that 75 years old singer is possibly getting facelift, botox and even brow-lift.

“The neckline of a woman her age usually sags more than her does, so it’s possible she may have had a facelift. Her skin is pristine; its smoothness might be due to laser treatments and chemical peels. Finally, her eyebrows remain elevated and smooth, signifying a possible browlift and Botox injections.She remains a beautiful icon of music,” said doctor.

TinaTurnerPlasticSurgeryPicture Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Picture

Tina Turner Boob Job

Boob job is just another plastic surgery procedure that alleged to Tina Turner. The reason is simple, because her breasts are appearing much bigger than hers before. It’s too big if coming naturally from healthy life or other exercise. Moreover, she is not a young woman anymore. She even should have sagging breasts. What do you think?
See also boob job on Dolly Parton and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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  • Ben October 22, 2020, 12:51 am

    Tina has definitely had a boob job. She was flat-chested in the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Ayanna January 9, 2023, 8:07 am

    The photo on the left shows a bloated face Tina whose face is enlarged due to the steroids she must take the rest of her life due to her kidney transplant. When.uou are bloated, your facial features look differently. Regardless, shebhas always been a great beauty.

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