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Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After Bad Result Pictures

Tina Louise is surely one of the examples of bad celebrity plastic surgery results. This senior American actress has been playing with surgeon’s knife in her old age. However, Tina Louise addiction to plastic surgery has been resulting really bad facial appearance on her. So what kind of procedures she had?

TinaLouisePlasticSurgery Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After Bad Result Pictures

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery

Tina Louise Facelift

It couldn’t be deny if Tina Louise has had plastic surgery for facelift. We all knew that she is much older than many other American celebrities. Tina Louise was born on February 11, 1934. It means she is 80 years-old today! Although she was believed to get the cosmetic surgery in her younger age, the result is still obvious until today anyhow. And by considering her today age, we may accept if she needed some beauty enhancements to bring back her youthfulness.

Unfortunately, Tina Louise seemed to get this facelift excessively. The surgeon’s work has pulled her face so tightly, it made her facial skin much stiffer and, tighter. As you can see from Tina Louise’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, the overdone facelift has totally wiped her natural beauty she had in the past. (Also see Marlo Thomas and Olivia Newton John who disappeared their natural beauties).

TinaLouiseFaceliftBotox Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After Bad Result Pictures

Tina Louise Facelift Botox

Tina Louise Botox

It is common thing if many older actresses combined the facelift with the botox injection. These two procedures are considered as the most effective and most powerful methods to fight the aging signs. But perhaps, it is rather difficult to decide whether Tina Louise got good or bad Botox result. Sometimes she appears okay with botox injected in her face, while occasionally she also appears much unnatural with frozen and waxed-like facial skin. What do you think?

Tina Louise Eyelid Surgery

It’s easy to notice her eyelids changes. Eyelid surgery, or medically known as Blepharoplasty then considered as the reason behind that changes. As you can see from before and after photos, Tina Louise appears unnatural with those asymmetrical eyelids on her. This eyelid surgery has made it more lifted, in a bad way. She surely lost her natural eyes look she had.

Actually, Tina Louise has been believed some other possible plastic surgery. Let’s say cheek and lips implant. Her cheek and lips showed changes and implants could be the reason for that. What do you think?

By the way, you don’t shocked with bad plastic surgery result on Tina Louise, do you? Because here are Jocelyn Wildenstein and Hunter Tylo who got worse plastic surgery. See them.

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