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Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Tara Lipinski is not a famous American actress, but her plastic surgery news is as popular as Hollywood celebrities. Tara Lipinski is a retired American skater who won Olympic gold medal at Winter Olympic in 1998. However, her facial changes have attracted many people. And of course there are many speculations spread among people.

Tara Lipinski was rumored to having some plastic surgery procedures, which are facelift, Botox injection, nose job and breast implants. Those procedures are considered as the reason behind her face and body changes.

TaraLipinskiPlasticSurgery2 Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery

Tara Lipinski Botox and Facelift

From her before and after photos, it can be seen that her innocent face has dramatically changed into a much tighter and stiff face. Facelift procedure to responsible over this. Meanwhile Botox has really done its job in making her face to stay flawless. However, Tara Lipinski face seems becoming stiffer day by day, it indicates that she may be a bit too much playing with Botox.

Tara Lipinski Nose Job

The result of her nose job (rhinoplasty) is also easy to see. Just by comparing Tara Lipinski before after pictures it is clear that her nose has been refined. Her nose in the past was bulbous and bigger than what she has today. Now that nose is slimmer and more pointed. Lucky for her, her nose is match with her face and at the same time it also makes her more beautiful.

Tara Lipinski Breast Implants

Breast implant was rumored done by Tara Lipinski after her chest area appears much bigger than she used to. Her breasts makes her chest fuller. So, no wonder if many people accuse her has boob job done.

We may not sure what is her reason to conduct plastic surgery, whereas she seemed didn’t really need it in her relatively young age (32 years old). Overall, we all may agree that Tara Lipinski now becomes sexier than she used to. What do you think about Tara Lipinski plastic surgery?

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