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Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tamar Braxton has fought with plastic surgery rumors for years. But well, it’s not rumor exactly. She has admitted that she got plastic surgeon’s help. Although she admitted her nose job a few years ago, but she said that she is still fighting with plastic surgery rumors addressed to her.

TamarBraxtonPlasticSurgery Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery

Tamar Braxton Nose Job

Yes, she admitted it. But as she stated, she got it for medical reason. Tamar Braxton Before and After surgery pictures are showing us the result of nose surgery she underwent. There we can see slight changes on her nose. Tamar used to have kind of flatter nose shape, yet it looked natural for her face. However, her medical reason seems true. Nose job doesn’t change her nose shape significantly.

At glance, Tamar’s nose before and after surgery just looked the same. Whereas, in many cases of celebrity nose jobs they usually make their nose better both in shape and size. (See Vivica Fox and Ciara nose job for examples)

In short, they make their noses slimmer, smaller and more pointed. Exception applied for those who get bad nose job though. Tamar seems honest in her nose case.

Tamar Cheek Implants and Lip Fillers

She doesn’t specifically tell procedures she denies in her plastic surgery refusal. But, as many people think, Tamar Braxton is getting plastic surgeon’s assistance as her beauty enhancement. However, what Tamar Braxton means with plastic surgery rumor is perhaps these two procedures; cheek implants and lip filler.

The sign of both cheek implant and lip filler are clear enough. As we can see in Braxton’s comparison photos, those parts of her face feature are changing. Her cheek is much plumper compared to hers before. Implants in her cheek could be the only reason for that change. It’s so unnatural on her.

Lip filler doesn’t seem help her anyway. Fillers in her upper and lower lips don’t really give its benefit. Instead of makes her lips sexier, overdone lip filler makes Tamar face to appear weirder.

Tamar Braxton Botox

Last but not least, Tamar Braxton is possibly taking Botox. Among her beauty enhancement procedures, this Botox is the only thing she gets properly. Considering her age, we could understand her needs of Botox injection.

TamarBraxtonPlasticSurgeryPicture Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Picture

How old is Tamar Braxton? Well, this American R&B singer was born on March 17, 1977. Tamar Braxton is 38 years old. It is age when women usually worry about their aging signs. Botox injection is one of the most popular methods to fight against it.

And with Botox in her face, Tamar Braxton seems to win the war against aging. It’s a hard task to find wrinkles and frown on her face, isn’t it? What do you think about Tamar plastic surgery? Is she having other procedures?

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