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Taemin SHINee Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Lee Tae-min or well-known with the name Taemin is one of boy band SHINee members who gets plastic surgery procedure. Taemin SHINee was informed to get the plastic surgeon’s touch around his eyes and his nose. To make his eyes looked bigger and fresher, SHINee’s Taemin got eyelid surgery. Whereas on his nose Taemin got the nose job.

TaeminSHINeePlasticSurgery Taemin SHINee Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Taemin SHINee Plastic Surgery

Taemin SHINee Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a common procedure taken by plastic surgery patients in South Korea. Taemin as one of the Korean idols also gets the same. Eyelid surgery has reshaped his slanted eyes shape into the bigger eyes shape. We can clearly see the result of the eyelid surgery from his before after plastic surgery.

From the comparison photos, public can see how Taemin’s appearance, especially on his face, much changed. So, it is reasonable if many people accuse him to get more than the eyelid surgery.

Taemin SHINee Nose Job

Did Taemin SHINee have the nose job? It is almost impossible to say if Taemin’s dramatic changes is the result of makeup effect. Many people strongly believe that Taemin SHINee got more than one plastic surgery procedure. Other possible plastic procedure he got was the nose job or rhinoplasty.

Nose job is also a common procedure in South Korea. Even other male Korean idols like Kyuhyun Super Junior and Lee Min Ho also have the nose job. Although the result of Taemin SHINee nose job is subtle, but we could see that Taemin’s nose has been refined. What do you think?

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