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Suzanne Somers plastic surgery

Talking about celebrities who has undergone the knife become totally unrecognizable, one of the names that will come to your mind is that of Suzanne Somers. She is a famous actress and author Suzanne Somers has been the headlines for years. She portrayed Carol Lamber in the series “Step by Step”, Chrissy Snow in the TV show “Three’s Company” and also she appeared as a contestant in the reality show “Dancing with the Stars 2015”. She has writer a lot of best sellers that include The Naked Truth, which was about the Bioidentical hormones. Suzanne Somers is known for is her obsession of Plastic Surgeries. When there is a rumor about a renowned star like Suzanne Somers has undergone the knife, there will be plenty of interest in it. And the rumors of Suzanne Somers ‘s reported surgery is still one of the hot topics in magazine and tabloids.

Suzanne Somers 550x309 Suzanne Somers plastic surgery

It is said that Suzanne Somers went through too many surgeries that she has now become unrecognizable. She no longer looks anything like her natural self. Many people argue that the actress is no longer confident in the way she looks. If you look at the pictures from the pictures that was taken in her young age and now, you can clearly see all the changes.

Use of Botox is common in Hollywood. Celebrities use Botox to remove wrinkles. As for Suzanne Somers, who is about to enter into her 70’s, but still has a smooth, fresh face with no wrinkles. It is clear from all this that she has been using Botox. But unfortunately for her, her forehead now looks unnatural and too smooth as if she has overused the injection.

Botox and Facelift are a nice combination. Together they can do wonders on you. Experts say Suzanne Somers has clearly received one as her face looks too tighter for a woman in her age. Experts even criticize her for getting a face lift as they claim it has changed her looks and she now looks like a different person.

Use of fillers is where Suzanne Somers got it all wrong. It has made her given her a fully swollen cheeks. Her thick lips are also said to be the result of the use of fillers. But unfortunately for her things has gone horribly wrong and she now looks like a totally different person.

Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. So the doctors had to reconstruct her breasts through surgery.

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