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Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Susan Sullivan plastic surgery issue has been spreading since a few years ago. However, this plastic surgery news is still becoming a hot topic until today. It’s even becoming hotter. Asking why? It because public notice that Susan Sullivan appears as if she stops aging. Even better, Susan Sullivan appears much younger than her real age. There are at least two kind of plastic surgery procedures that are allegedly done by Susan. Those are facelift and eyelift.

SusanSullivanPlasticSurgery Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery

Susan Sullivan Facelift

Apparently we could accept if Susan Sullivan gets plastic surgery for facelift. You know that she is old enough. This senior American actress was born on November 18, 1942, means she is 72 years-old today. That age, what thing that can help her to make such youthful facial appearance besides plastic surgery?

It seemed that Susan Sullivan’s plastic surgery has been handled by professional and experienced plastic surgeon. As you can see in Susan Sullivan’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, she has much younger facial skin. The facelift seemed to perfectly tightening her skin.

Although sometimes Susan Sullivan appears unnatural with that facial skin, but it surely makes her as if she is 20 or even 30 years younger than her real age. Many people praise her plastic surgery result. How about you?

Susan Sullivan Eyelift

Eyelift is one plastic surgery procedure results that easy to see on Susan Sullivan. Unfortunately, this eyelift is not as good as her facelift. Her eyes surgeon seemed to not making good job here. The result is obvious. Susan Sullivan appears unnatural with that eyes look. We all can see her before-after picture where her eyes appear unnaturally bigger than what she had in the past.

SusanSullivanFaceliftEyelift Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Susan Sullivan Facelift Eyelift

Susan Sullivan Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lift

Actually there were also possibilities that Susan Sullivan also got the eyelid surgery and the browlift. The eyelid surgery (or medically known as Blepharoplasty) has made her eyelids to appear asymmetrical. It also more lifted than she had before. The same case also found on her brows. The brow lift procedure is considered as the reason behind her lifted brows.

Although Susan Sullivan occasionally appears unnatural with some plastic surgery procedures on her, but it is tolerable. She doesn’t go crazy with it. Surely she is not like Hunter Tylo, Dolly Parton and Cher who have really bad plastic surgery results. See and check their results.

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