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Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Has Susan Lucci  had plastic surgery? Many people is asking this question. Susan has been noticed to appear so differently, mainly since 2006. Major changes on her face led the speculation about plastic surgery, and remained until today. Many people believe that Susan Lucci has been playing with plastic surgery procedures such as breast implants, cheek implants, facelift and brow lift and eyelid surgery.

SusanLucciPlasticSurgery Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Lucci Facelift, Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery

It does make sense if Susan Lucci took facelift. As everybody knows, Susan is not young anymore. She was born on December 23, 1946, or 68 years-old today. That age, she needs some “powerful” methods to fight the aging and maintain the youthfulness of her face. Facelift is one of those methods.

As you can see in Susan Lucci’s plastic surgery photos, she appears like 20 or 30 years younger than her real age. She seemed to get the professional and experienced plastic surgeon’s work. The result of her facelift is amazing, it looks natural. She should thank her plastic surgeon for this miracle.

The same good result of plastic surgery also can be seen on her eyes area. Brow lift is considered as the reason behind her today brow shape. Those lifted eyebrows are obvious to see, aren’t they? Also see her eyelids. Eyelid surgery, or medically called as blepharoplasty has changed her eyelid shape. What do you think about it?

Susan Lucci Breast Implants, Cheek Implants

Susan didn’t make clear admission yet. This makes people wonder what kind of plastic surgery she took. But without her confession,  it is obvious that her breasts have had some works done. Breast augmentation or breast implants is the most possible procedure to explain her today breasts. Her breasts are much better both in size and shape.

Implants are also suspected on her cheek. It makes her cheek, well, puffier. But some others might say it is the result of her gaining weight.

Actually Susan Lucci is not alone. There are other “old” American celebrities who got plastic surgery to fight the aging. Let’s say names Kathie Lee Gifford, Barbra Streisand and Cher as the examples. Check them all out.

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