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Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Stockard Channing plastic surgery is not kind of a new news. However it is still an interesting and kind of ‘always fresh’ topic to discuss. Stockard Channing was linked with plastic surgery since about 10 years ago. She then keeps showing face and body transformation. During the last decade she has changed her face into something worse. Some plastic surgery procedures such as Botox injection, Eyelif, Cheek Implant and Lip Augmentation are among procedures she underwent. Stockard Channing also enhanced her body sexiness with breast implants.

StockardChanningPlasticSurgery Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery

Stockard Channing Botox and Eyelift

Stockard Channing is surely not a young woman anymore. This American actress is 71 years old. But well, as you can see in Stockard Channing before and after plastic surgery pictures, her face doesn’t tell us that she is that old. Amazingly, Stockard Channing appears much younger than her real age. Is there anyone can clearly see wrinkles and frown on Stockard Channing face? No, Botox has disappeared it.

We may say that Stockard Channing gets both advantage and disadvantage from Botox. It is true that she appears wrinkless-free and younger, unfortunately she also appears unnatural with it. She seems a bit crazy injecting this Botox that makes her face stiff and too tight.

Eyelift then adds the unnatural impression on Stockard Channing. Actually the eyelift procedure helps her in gaining youthful look, but things seem go wrong when she get it overdone.

Stockard Channing Lip Augmentation and Cheek Implant

It seems hard for Stockard Channing to argue the lips augmentation report. Many people wouldn’t believe her even if she denies this lips augmentation. It’s because the change on her lips are obvious enough. It’s different with hers in the past. You wouldn’t believe if the aging is the reason for that, would you?

Another suspicion is on her cheek. She possibly has some work done with it. The most possible is cheek implant that able to change her cheek contour becomes bigger and fuller.

StockardChanningPlasticSurgeryPicture Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Picture

Stockard Channing Breast implants

We don’t also seem need to arguing about the breast implants procedure on Stockard Channing. It’s obvious that she has had surgeon help to enhance her breasts appearance. Well, her surgeon did good job by making Stockard Channing boobs better both in its shape and size. Those big and full breasts are making Stockard Channing to appear sexy at her 70s. She seems happy with that.

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