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Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Let’s talk about Stacy Keibler plastic surgery that according to many people makes her looks much better. Well, although many people praise her plastic surgery result, but some people also say that Stacy Keibler a bit forced herself to conduct plastic surgery.

Actually, we may say that plastic surgery is unnecessary thing for her since she was so pretty and naturally beautiful. But maybe she felt insecure about her age and the fact that today there are so many younger actresses who appear more attractive than her.

StacyKeiblerPlasticSurgery Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery

Stacy Keibler is 35 years old today, not too young, not too old. But as a celebrity, it’s reasonable if she starts to worry about her appearance. Some people even believe that Stacy Keibler has actually got plastic surgery since a long time ago.

Unfortunately, Stacy Keibler didn’t say many words about her plastic surgery. She just say that she is not against plastic surgery. Stacy Keibler doesn’t tell us the truth behind the dramatic changes on her face and body. Well, that’s okay, the traces of the surgeon’s knife are obvious enough. Beside clear sign of breast implants, Stacy Keibler also has at least nose job and Botox.

Stacy Keibler Nose Job

From Stacy Keibler before and after pictures, many people said that her nose now a bit slimmer and smaller than hers in the past. She used to have bigger nose with wider dorsum (nasal bridge).

But by the time passed and she reached the popularity, that nose has a bit changed. Her nasal bone seems to get higher and more protruding than before. Her nasal bridge size also looks smaller, gives her kind of pinched nose shape.

Stacy Keibler Botox

Botox procedure also can be seen on her 35 years old face. Her face looks so soft and flawless. However it also occasionally appears stiff and frozen. From Stacy Keibler before and after plastic surgery pictures you can see her forehead looks a bit unnaturally frozen.

Her eyebrow also appears a bit lifted that makes the suspicion of the Botox intervention around her forehead and glabella areas. On average, we could say that the botox has successfully helped her to prevent aging signs and maintain her youthful appearance.

Stacy Keibler Breast Implants

American celebrity who is also known as a WWE Diva highly possibly got breast implants on her. Beside supported her sexiness, breast implants procedure was also considered as thing that smoother her career.

StacyKeiblerBreastAugmentation Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Stacy Keibler Breast Augmentation

Her big breasts surely make her as one of the hottest WWE Divas this time. It was said that she got the breast implants since she started her career as an actress. It’s easy to see her breasts are bigger and tighter than hers in the past.

We should admit that Stacy Keibler plastic surgery went well. It made her prettier and sexier at the same time. Some people might regret her plastic surgery, because she would aging gracefully without any plastic surgery.

Let’s hope she doesn’t take any further, or she would totally ruin her face. See other famous American female plastic surgery results like Charisma Carpenter, Jessica Biel and Christie Brinkley, and don’t hesitate to say your words about their plastic surgeries.

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