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Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Since her plastic surgery, there doesn’t seem anything good left on Sophia Loren. Sophia Loren plastic surgery has ruined both her face and her fans nostalgia about the 1960s beauty. The Italian actress has totally erased her natural beautiful face. With some overdone procedures such as facelift, Botox and eyelid surgery, Sophia Loren appears worse than she may think. Perhaps, her breast implants can help her maintain her sexiness.

SophiaLorenPlasticSurgery Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery

Sophia Loren Facelift and Botox

Facelift and Botox are procedures that change her face significantly. You can see Sophia Loren before and after plastic surgery pictures to prove it. Sophia was one of classic beauties in her heyday. But, Sophia’s recent appearance much worse than she used to have.

Facelift performed by her surgeon seems a bit overdone. It’s easy to see that over-pulled face skin on Sophia Loren. It makes her face more unnatural for sure.

Sophia Loren also adds Botox to maintain her youthfulness. It’s rather hard to say whether Sophia gets bad or good result of Botox injection. In many photos of her, she sometimes looks amazing with flawless face skin, while she also occasionally appears with wax-like face skin due to this Botox. What do you think?

Sophia Loren Eyelid Surgery, Breast Implants

Eyelid surgery is another reason behind unnatural look of Sophia Loren. Her before and after photos would explain better about the result of this eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery a.k.a Blepharoplasty is making both her upper and lower eyelid unnatural. Means, instead of makes her more beautiful, blepharoplasty gives weird eyelid shape.

Well, a prominent American plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn suggests more procedures.

“Fat injections to her cheeks, an upper and lower eyelid lift, laser treatments and chemical peels … possible Botox in her forehead,” doctor said. Youn also predicts that Sophia Loren has had more than one pair of breast implants. Loren possibly got these breast implants since years ago since these implants last up to 20 years.

SophiaLorenPlasticSurgeryPicture Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Picture

Actually we could accept Sophia Loren plastic surgery. She is an old, senior actress. That said, Sophia Loren needs an effective method to fight the aging. And she has chosen plastic surgery. How old is Sophia Loren? The mother of two was born on 20 September, 1934, simply she is 80 years old. Have comment about Sophia Loren plastic surgery? Don’t hesitate to share it.

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