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Song Seung Heon Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Picture

While plastic surgery is attracting many South Korean men out there, Song Seung Heon is one of Korean actors whom rumored to get plastic surgery. Many people surely disagree with Song Seung Heon plastic surgery rumor, meanwhile some other believe that Song Seung Heon beautiful-handsomeness is not entirely natural anymore. So what did the rumor say?

SongSeungHeonPlasticSurgery Song Seung Heon Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After Picture

Song Seung Heon Plastic Surgery

The only part of his face that invited plastic surgery speculation is his nose. Song Seung Heon was regarded to get the nose job. Many people believe that actor who played in Autumn in My Heart and East of Eden gets the help of nose specialist.

Nose job or also known as Rhinoplasty has reshaped his nose well. As you can see in Song Seung Hun before and after plastic surgery pictures, he used to have different nose shape with his today. Slight changes can be found mainly on his nasal bridge and ala (wing of nose).

The 38 years old actor himself never gives clear statement about this plastic surgery issue. However you can examine the plastic surgery signs from his before and after picture. So, what do you think? Did he, or didn’t he?

By the way, here are Su Ji Sub, Kim Jaejoong and Hyun Bin. They are just among male South Korean stars whom also associated with plastic surgery. See them all.

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  • Rosalyn January 16, 2021, 3:44 am

    It’s a big no, he’s look still the same but a little bit matured. He became manly and really handsome

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