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Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After

As a famous actress in South Korea, it is reasonable if Song Ji Hyo rumored to get plastic surgery. Although there are no clear statements from Song Ji Hyo, but many people curious about her appearance changes. Two main parts of her face that linked with plastic surgery are her nose and her jaw.

SongJiHyoPlasticSurgery Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery

Song Ji Hyo Nose Job

Nose job has become plastic surgery that rumored done by Song Ji Hyo. This rumor rose since there were changes on her nose. See her before and after plastic surgery pictures. Song Ji Hyo used to have a flatter nose shape, specially on her nasal bridge and nose tip.

But her pictures show that Song Ji Hyo now has slimmer and narrower nose. Her nose tip is also becoming more pointed. We can’t deny if Song Ji Hyo appears more beautiful with her “new nose”.

However, that nose changes invited the rumor of the nose job. Song Ji Hyo was considered to get nose job or rhinoplasty to reshape her former nose. The result of this rhinoplasty is subtle anyhow. What do you think about Song Ji Hyo present nose?

By the way, here are After School Nana, Hyomin T-ara and Lee Bo Young who also have their noses changed. Plastic surgery of the nose job has been linked with them. (See and compare their nose job results).

Song Ji Hyo Jawline Reduction

Unlike her nose which resulting subtle changes, Song Ji Hyo jawline reduction left clearer trace. We can see in Song Ji Hyo before and after plastic surgery pictures how her jaw has much changed.

SongJiHyoPlasticSurgeryPicture Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After

Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Picture

South Korean actress who played in popular TV series Princess Hours and variety show Running Man was believed to get work done for that change. Song Ji Hyo can’t hide her young photos where she had wide jawline shape. It also made her face look bigger.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo now appears with smaller and slimmer jaw. It’s almost impossible to get such change from makeup or loss weight. Some people even said that Song Ji Hyo probably has implants around her chin and jaw.

So far, Song Ji Hyo doesn’t make clear statement related to her plastic surgery issue. However, we all agree if Song Ji Hyo appears more beautiful and stays cute in her 33 years age, don’t we? Please share your thought here.

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  • Josephine March 26, 2015, 4:27 pm

    these pictures are when she was younger. she could have changed when she got older

  • Leann April 28, 2015, 10:52 am

    Maybe people that are questioning her should take their own childhood/adolescent pictures and compare it to their mirror image. How does one expect it to stay exactly the same? There are some people that mature early, as in they look older than they truly are but doesn’t change much after that. But most people still experience minor changes ie. lose baby fat etc. She looks like she hasn’t done any plastic changes to her looks. Pretty as a kid and pretty now.

  • Belle June 6, 2015, 3:54 am

    No different from her kid photo and now.she is pretty as a kid and now. She look beautiful and same for me. Oh pls u can see She never done ps.

  • Qeebd August 26, 2015, 3:15 pm

    That’s true. People can change when they get older. I’m a big fan of her and clearly she has never done any plastic surgery before. She is natural beauty, you can’t deny that. In running man, she barely even use makeups unlike other girls celebrities.

  • Moonlight October 24, 2015, 6:53 pm

    Some people just don’t know when to stop. Stop being ignorant. We can change really easily and without surgery. We are not the same at 5 , 15 , 20 years old. She’s beautiful and she was beautiful in her old pictures too. I know some actors (men too) are really into it but if you talk about Song Ji Hyo you have to prove with fact. You can compare these photos because she was young and yes a makeup and a weight loss can change you …. “TOTALLY” .

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