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Son Ye Jin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

SonYeJinPlasticSurgery Son Ye Jin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Son Ye Jin Plastic Surgery

Son Ye Jin plastic surgery has attracted many people since a few years ago. However, following Korean wave that widely hits the world lately, her plastic surgery news is still becoming a hot topic. It is a big question whether she has plastic surgery or not. Has Son Ye Jin had plastic surgery?

Son Ye Jin is suspected to get some plastic surgery procedures. She is considered to lose her cute and natural beautiful face under the surgeon’s hands. Cheek implants, Botox and some other facial fillers are among possible procedures she has.

Son Ye Jin Cheek Implants

Son Ye Jin is said to having sharper and more angled chin than she used to be. To get such shape, many plastic surgery patients will usually get chin reduction surgery in order to make their chin smaller and narrower. But instead of get chin reduction, Son Ye Jin used cheek implants to make her chin looked smaller and narrower.

These cheek implants were believed to be in the lower parts of her cheek or above her chin. We all can see it, can’t we? Look at Son Ye Jin before and after plastic pictures, and see how her facial contour changed.

SonYeJinPlasticSurgeryBeforeAfter Son Ye Jin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Son Ye Jin Plastic Surgery Before After

Son Ye Jin Botox

Another thing that makes Son Ye Jin looks so different is her facial skin. Son Ye Jin has ultra-flawless skin that sometimes she looks unnatural with that. It could be good news for her that she has white and shining facial skin. Unfortunately, it also triggers the speculation about the Botox injection.

Botox is widely known as an effective way to erase the aging traces on someone’s face. Added with some other injectable fillers, Son Ye Jin’s face is more beautiful with no wrinkles and lines exist. As the result, we can see that Son Ye Jin appears 10 years younger than her real 33 years age.

The result of South Korean beauty enhancement is really amazing. It is a reason why plastic surgery so popular in this country. Kim Hee Sun, Kim Tae Hee and Choi Ji Woo also got the same plastic surgery with Son Ye Jin. See them all and don’t hesitate to share your comments about them.

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