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So Ji Sub Plastic Surgery Before After

Korean plastic surgery temptation is attracting many people, not only women but also men. So Ji Sub is one of South Korean actors whom rumored to get plastic surgery. He has been taking the help of plastic surgeon to fix his appearance. So, what does he had?

So Ji Sub was widely rumored to get the work done on his nose. Nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure then associated with him. You can examine So Ji Sub’s before and after plastic surgery picture to find the change of his nose.

You can see that So Ji Sub used to have flatter nose shape. His nasal bridge was wide and his nose tip was not too pointed in the past. But amazingly, his recent photos show that his nose has been slightly changed.

His nasal bridge becomes smaller. The change also happens on his nose tip where this part of his nose becomes more pointed and narrower. It matches his face well.

However, even some people believe that So Ji Sub has plastic surgery, some other people don’t agree with it. How about you? Share your thought in the comment box bellow.

By the way, Kyuhyun, Xiumin and Luhan are other South Korean male celebrities whom linked with plastic surgery. See them all.

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