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Snooki plastic surgery photos (before and after)

Every time news about a celebrity undergoing plastic surgery comes out; it generates a lot of interest. One such most celebrated news involves dancer Snooki. She is the latest person from the Hollywood who has undergone the surgery to improve the way she looks. People first noticed Snooki after she drastically lost her weight. She had picked up some weight when she was pregnant and was very self-conscious about it. She reportedly had lost her confidence in her. But then we saw a drastic drop in her weight. She confirmed that she had dropped 50 pounds that she picked up when she was pregnant. She was 146 pounds back then. This rapid drop of weight has raised question over her as people believe that there is now way a person can drop that kind of weight in such short time unless she used the help of surgery.

Snooki 550x309 Snooki plastic surgery photos (before and after)

But like most of the celebrities, Snooki has also come out to deny all the rumors of the plastic surgery. She claims that she dropped weight as a result of her regular exercise. She also claimed that she has a special diet plan and has also reduced the consumption of alcohol to drop the weight. She has blatantly refused any possibility of the surgery as she claimed that her new body shape is the result of her daily work out. But the fact that she dropped 50 pounds in a matter of just five months makes it little hard to believe. Even though she might have a special diet plan and daily workout, the possibility of a liposuction is not out of the question. As liposuction can help you remove the excess fat in the body.

The other rumor is that Snooki has received a nose job. The shape of her nose appeared to be changed. They are reportedly looking narrower than before.

afyter Snooki plastic surgery photos (before and after)

If you look at her pictures, you can see that Snooki has a bigger breast that before. Even though it can come as a result of pregnancy, the rumors say that is a result of Breast Implant she had. There is a rumor about tummy tuck too as her stomach now looks flatter.

Even though there is no way, we can confirm if the rumors are true especially with the dancer refusing to admit she has undergone any surgery. But even if she had, we should admit that she had done a great job as she appears sexier than before.

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