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Shin Min Ah Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Shin Min Ah is one of South Korean celebrities who surrounded by plastic surgery issue. Some plastic surgery procedures have been believed to be the reason behind her face and body transformation. For her facial area, Shin Min Ah was strongly believed to get the nose job. Meanwhile, for her boobs, Shin Min Ah was also alleged to get the breast implants.

ShinMinAhPlasticSurgery Shin Min Ah Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Shin Min Ah Plastic Surgery

Shin Min Ah Nose Job

Nose Job is one of procedures she had. People noticed that Shin Min Ah nose has been well reshaped. As you can see in her before and after plastic surgery pictures, her old bigger nose replaced with the slimmer and smaller one.

Actually nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in South Korea. Other South Korean celebrities, men and women also got it. Let’s say names Lee Min Ho, Kim Ah Joong and Jun Ji Hyun who got the nose job done. They all appeared better after the surgeon “touched” their noses.

Shin Min Ah Boobs Job

Rather different with other South Korean female celebrities who mostly combined the nose job (rhinoplasty) with the eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), Shin Min Ah completed her nose job with the breast augmentation. Boobs job via breast implants has been rumored done by this 30 years-old actress.

ShinMinAhBoobsJob Shin Min Ah Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Shin Min Ah Boobs Job

The result of Shin Min Ah breast implants is obvious enough. As we can see in her before and after picture, her small breasts in the past have been resized, became bigger and much fuller. It surely makes her to appear sexier these days.

Shin Min Ah doesn’t clearly admit her plastic surgery so far. But with those significant changes on her nose and breasts, it would be hard for her to deny the plastic surgery issue addressed to her. So, what do you think? Did she, or didn’t she?

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