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Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Shemar Moore was immediately linked with plastic surgery after he appeared so differently few years ago. And now American actor who played in the films Criminal Minds and Birds of Prey has significantly changed. Several plastic surgery procedures were considered as the reason behind his appearance changes. Shemar Moore is believed to having at least nose job, chin, jaw reduction as well as chest reconstruction.

ShemarMoorePlasticSurgery Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery

Shemar Moore Nose Job

Shemar is linked with the nose job since he appeared with slightly different nose shape. From Shemar Moore Before and After pictures you can see that he used to have a rather big nose shape. See his nasal bridge. This part of his nose has been well-reshaped. The nose job (or medically known as Rhinoplasty) performed by his surgeon has successfully refined it.

Shemar Moore is now having smaller nose, and it matched his face well. What do you think? Shemar actually got the same good nose job result like Ryan Gosling who also had the same procedure. They both lucky enough didn’t wreck their noses like Patrick Dempsey did. (See Patrick Dempsey bad nose job).

Shemar Moore Jaw and Chin Reduction

We couldn’t deny if Shemar Moore  is a masculine. We can easily catch the masculine sense both from his face and body. From his face, we all knew that he has kind of firm chin and jaw shapes. However, his today jaw is different with what he had in the past.

As we can see in his before and after pictures, he had a wider and bigger jawline in the past. Meanwhile, in his After pictures, that jaw seemed to get the work done. It is now more smaller and slimmer. The same case also happened on his chin.

ShemarMoorePlasticSurgeryBeforeAfter Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Before After

Shemar Moore Chest Reconstruction

Some sources told that this procedures had been taken by Shemar associated with some accidents he got earlier. However, the surgeon’s work surely affected his chest contour. It is easy to see how his chest appears so manly these days. We all agree that the 44 years-old actor becomes sexier with that chest.

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  • firsnisn January 11, 2023, 5:06 am

    This is simply not true. His nose was not bigger. You simply ate using old and newer pictures to make a story.

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