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Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sharon Stone plastic surgery is becoming people discussion topic recently. American actress who played in films Total Recall, Casino and The Practice has been linked with several plastic surgery procedures since public saw some signs of it on Sharon Stone. Although Sharon Stone has widely reported to get lip injection but there are other procedures she had. Eyelid surgery and Botox injection are among procedures associated with Sharon Stone.

SharonStonePlasticSurgery Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery

Sharon Stone Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or medically known as Blepharoplasty is kind of rather procedure taken in America. As the world knows, eyelid surgery massively applied on many plastic surgery patients in South Korea. But Sharon Stone seemed to having different view with other female American celebrity. She was strongly believed to get the work done on her eyelid.

A prominent celebrity plastic surgeon in America, Dr. Anthony Youn, gave us clear clue.

“Has Sharon’s face turned to stone? Her eyes appear excessively open, as if she’s had an eyelid lift.” as the doctor told Radaronline a couple years ago. Although Youn never treated Sharon, but his statement was clear enough.

As we can see in Sharon Stone Before and After plastic surgery pictures, Sharon has her eyelids changed. It is clear enough. In her recent photos, you may see how her eyelid more lifted than what she had in the past. It is confusing to decide whether Sharon got good eyelid surgery or not. In some occasions, Sharon appeared with so beautiful eyes look (which is, of course affected from eyelids) while sometimes she also photographed to appear unnatural with those eyelids. What do you think?

SharonStoneBotox Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sharon Stone Botox

Sharon Stone Botox

Are you one of her fans? If yes, you have been knowing that Sharon Stone is a 56 years-old woman, before we tell it. So, that age Sharon Stone is reasonable to worrying her appearance. As an actress she knows better that physical appearance is really important. Not many people (or even no one) wanted to see actresses appear with aging signs like sagging skin, wrinkles and crow’s feet on their faces.

Botox has been believed as procedures taken by Sharon to fight the aging. The Botox injected on her face has made her face to appear much younger than her real age. By the way, Dr. Youn had his own words.

“Her forehead is completely smooth, a possible consequence of Botox injections. Overall she looks quite a bit different from the woman we met on the first Total Recall,” doctor said.

Sharon Stone herself didn’t admit that she got plastic surgery. She even tended to deny it. However Sharon Stone revealed that some plastic surgeon ever offered her to get facelift. She denied it then. But by looking at her today appearance, it is reasonable if many people curious and asking, has Sharon Stone had plastic surgery (for facelift)?

By the way, see Melanie Griffith, Daryl Hannah and Adrienne Maloof. They have the same 50s years age with Sharon Stone, they are American actresses, and they got plastic surgery.

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