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Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery

It is amazing what plastic surgery can choose to a person, especially if you are a celebrity. It can help you to boost your confidence and turn around your career. Look at Sandra Bullock. It is reported that she was constantly undergoing the cosmetic procedure as she made her way from a college dropout to the one of the best actresses in the world. But what motivated Sharon Osbourne is a mystery. She was a good looking woman before her surgery. She has received a lot of criticism for her obsession for cosmetic surgery. But unlike many celebrities, Sharon Osborne came out to acknowledge the rumors. A breast reduction was done in 1978 as well. Femalefirst.co.uk went on to report that the famous TV personality has spent over 120,000 pounds in her attempts to keep looking young forever and came out to defend herself saying that she wasn’t happy about her natural breasts.

In her interview with Britain’s Night and Day magazine, she confirmed that she had received a neck lift and a liposuction. She also admitted doing breast implantation and the tummy tuck. She said that she has also received surgery in her butt and on her legs, which she has confirmed to have spent around 120,000GBP. She said she was proud about it, and she loved doing it.

Sharon Osbourne 550x309 Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery

Any surgery in the future has been ruled out b her. She spoke to Dailymail.com where she say that she is not obsessed with surgery and admitted that she has no plan to become someone like Jocelyn Wildenstein. Even though she thinks that plastic surgery has helped her to stay in the game, she confirmed that she won’t be having them anymore. She believes that her body has reached its limit and doing any more plastic surgery will stress the body and she want to avoid it at any cost.

Sharon Osbourne is reportedly obsessed with Botox and use it in a large amount. You cannot see any wrinkles on her face. It is due to the use of Botox injections. Along with it, she also uses Facelift as the combination can work wonders on you as it can rejuvenate your skin and make it look young and shiny.

Even though she is an addict of Plastic surgery, she should be thankful that all the works done on she haven’t gone wrong. She has admitted that she didn’t want to be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein. So we must trust he and think to believe that she won’t be getting any more surgeries.

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