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Shannon Elizabeth Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Shannon Elizabeth is one of American actresses who allegedly got plastic surgery. The beauty enhancement with surgeon’s knife has been done by her especially on her breasts. Yes, Shannon Elizabeth has been believed by people to get the boobs job done. However Botox also became another possible procedure she had.

Shannon Elizabeth Breast Implants

As a celebrity Shannon Elizabeth knows better if physical appearance is really important. Moreover she is a former fashion model where her body was her asset which then brought her to a brighter career as an actress. However, following her fame, public noticed that her breasts changed. As we can see in Shannon Elizabeth’s before after plastic surgery picture, it is obvious that her breasts have significantly changed.

ShannonElizabethPlasticSurgery Shannon Elizabeth Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Shannon Elizabeth Plastic Surgery

She used to have smaller breasts that left wide empty area on her chest. It then changed when her breasts became bigger, her chest looks fuller than before. The result of breast implants procedure seemed make her more confidence, and sexier, of course.

Shannon Elizabeth Botox

Shannon Elizabeth is certainly not young anymore. Do you know how old is Shannon Elizabeth? She was born on September 7, 1973. Yes, American actress who played in the films Scary Movie and American Pie is 41 years-old today. That age, it is reasonable if she needs cosmetic surgery to maintain her youthfulness.

Botox then rumored to be on her face. The Botox injection has successfully disappeared aging lines from her face. There are no wrinkles and fine lines appear. Shannon Elizabeth appears as if she doesn’t age. What do you think?

Shannon Elizabeth is not alone. Here are Nicole Kidman, Charisma Carpenter and Renee Zellweger who also got beauty enhancement via plastic surgery in their 40s ages.

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