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Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before and After, SNSD Rumor or Fact?

Since the huge success of girl group SNSD (Girls’ Generation), many rumors followed its members, included this Seohyun plastic surgery issue. If you are a big fan of SNSD you would know better how the group members grow up and become more mature and more beautiful day by day.

Unfortunately, their changes are too dramatic for some people. Moreover they live in South Korea where the beauty and the plastic surgery are two things that closely linked. So, how about Seohyun SNSD?

SeohyunSNSDPlasticSurgery Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before and After, SNSD Rumor or Fact?

Seohyun SNSD Plastic Surgery

Just like common South Korean celebrities who get the eyelid surgery done, Seohyun is also rumored to get the same. This youngest Girls’ Generation member was believed to get the help of plastic surgery to reshape her eyelids shape.

This eyelid surgery rumor is surely questionable since beside known as the youngest member of SNSD, Seohyun beauty is also known as the most natural among other members. Her label, SM Entertainment even ever defended this 23 years old girl. By its representative, SM entertainment asserted that Seohyun didn’t get any plastic surgery.

But, it is not that easy to convince public. Although many people did believe that Seohyun never went under the knife, but some others did the opposite. By carefully examining Seohyun before and after plastic surgery pictures, the change are possibly found.

Even if she did it, the result of this surgery is subtle enough. There are no significant changes appear. It is mainly on her upper eyelids where it seem to having slight change. If the eyelid surgery (or Blepahroplasty) procedure took role, it has been surely done in a small measure.

SeohyunPlasticSurgery Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before and After, SNSD Rumor or Fact?

Seohyun Plastic Surgery

Eyelid surgery is not the only plastic surgery associated with Seohyun anyhow. There also breast implants and jawline reduction surgery rumors rose. Whether you believe or not with plastic surgery on Seohyun, she is certainly a cute and beautiful girl, isn’t she?

If Seohyun has weak evidences that show the plastic surgery on her, other SNSD members show the opposite facts. Let’s say names Kim Taeyeon, Kim Hyoyeon  and Im Yoona who show clearer signs of plastic surgery results on them. See them all, and, don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment box.

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