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Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

The news about the relation between Seo Woo and plastic surgery is attracting many people. Some significant changes on Seo Woo are considered to come from some works of the plastic surgeon. The surgeon’s works are not only on her face, but also on her body. What procedures does she had?

SeoWooPlasticSurgery Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Seo Woo Plastic Surgery

Seo Woo Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is one of plastic surgery procedures that possibly done by Seo Woo. As we can see in her before and after plastic surgery pictures that Seo Woo used to have smaller eyes look. She surely had the slanted eyes shape like other Eastern Asian people had.

However, with the help of eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) Seo Woo now has more open eyelids. Her upper eyelids are more lifted and are creating bigger eyes look. We couldn’t deny if Seo Woo now appears more beautiful with her “new eyelids”.

Seo Woo Breast Implants

Even if Seo Woo denies that she never gets breast implants, the change on her boobs are too good to be a natural ones. Seo Woo’s boobs have dramatically changed. The size of her breasts even twice larger than hers before.

See her plastic surgery comparison photos, it is rather difficult to say that such change caused by a healthy exercise or gaining weight. That’s why many people than believe that Seo Woo has been taking the benefit of plastic surgery to resize her breasts size. In some occasions Seo Woo confidently showed her bigger breasts. See surely appears much sexier with her today boobs. What do you think? Are those boobs plastic, or real ones?

SeoWooBreastImpants Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Seo Woo Breast Impants

Seo Woo is not the only South Korean celebrity who associated with plastic surgery. Yoon Eun Hye and Han Chae Young also got the same boobs job issue. See their results.

Seo Woo Lips Augmentation

Last but not least, Seo Woo is also believed to get the lips augmentation. This procedure made her lips plumper, but perhaps not sexier. She looks like to get the lips filler a bit too much. Instead of become sexier, Seo Woo’s lips are plumping in unnatural way.

Unlike her boobs where she got good result there, the lips augmentation has decreased the sexiness of actress who played in films The Island and Cinderella’s Sister. You can make your own judgement anyway. Share your thought here.

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