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Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

You may not know him, but well, Scott Thorson plastic surgery is kind of interesting topic. Many people argue that this man seems to sell his plastic surgery story that was seasoned with his life story to the media to earn much money. We know that everything related to his plastic surgery news also coupled with his life story. It’s not only because he is a gay that making his plastic surgery attracts people attention, but some other his controversial life stories made Scott Thorson plastic surgery is more interesting.

ScottThorsonPlasticSurgery Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery

Scott Thorson seems to having dramatic life story to sell. He said that his lover, late American entertainer Liberace was one of his reasons to take plastic surgery. Scott Thorson said that Liberace not only ruined his life with drugs but also gave him bad influence for relying on plastic surgery. He then revealed that Liberace was the person who has big responsible to his plastic surgery decision that left awful looks as he has today.

Scott Thorson Botox

Scott Thorson revealed that he was following his ex-boyfriend’s step to conduct several plastic surgery procedures especially the botox injection. Botox injection seemed to repeatedly happen because the traces left on his face are so horrible.

As you can see in Scott Thorson before and after plastic surgery pictures, we may say that Scott Thorson actually had handsome and or good looking face at his young age. No wonder then Liberace came to him, led the gay relationship, and made him as the toy boy.

Bad plastic surgery result is left on Scott Thorson’s face until today. His face looks melted and asymmetrical. It also looks too tight and frozen. His face is proving how hard plastic surgery he underwent.

ScottThorsonPlasticSurgeryPicture Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Picture

Well, Scott Thorson plastic surgery together with his life story have been written in his own book, Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace. This book got good sales and adapted to a film. It certainly shows that everything about his plastic surgery and his controversial life are interesting. What do you think?

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