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Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery, Before and After Photos

I think it will be hard for anyone to believe if I said that American actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker recently celebrated her 50th birthday. She was born in Nelsonville Ohio on 1965 March 25. She moved to New York when she was young and pursued her career in film industry. Her mother and step father took up the job as her perfect mentor as young Sarah developed into one of the most talented actresses. She received her big break in the sitcom Square Pegs where she portrayed the character, Patty Greene. After this, she appeared in many featured movies. Her role in the series Sex and the City is the next breakthrough in her career as she played the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO TV series. Recently she attained more attention as the rumors of a possible plastic surgery loomed up on her.

Sarah Jessica Parker 550x309 Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery, Before and After Photos

She reportedly has got a nose job. It has totally changed the appearance of her nose. It is common among Hollywood actresses to get the rhinoplasty. It has done wonders with actresses before. But in the case of Sarah, she has come out to deny the rumors. So we cannot say that she has undergone one surgery for sure. But if you look at the pictures, the changes can be clearly seen. But many fans claim that it can happen as a result of the makeup as well rather than the surgery.

There are many rumors that she might have used Botox as well. Even though she is 50, you cannot spot any wrinkles on her face. Even though the actress herself has come out saying that she has lines on her face, no spectator has ever managed to find a subtle one. This is the reason there is a rumor on Botox injection, which is used to avoid wrinkles and make the skin smoother.

Recently there where new rumors that suggest that Sarah was planning to undergo hand surgery shortly. But she has denied any such possibility of future surgery and has affirmed that she was happy with her naturally looking hands.

With the actress herself denying the claims of a surgery, it is difficult to confirm whether she has undergone a knife or not. But if she had, then her doctors have done a wonderful job. Her rhinoplasty was done so perfectly well that it looks exactly like her natural nose. She also manages to avoid the over use of Botox so that it didn’t make her face look unnatural. But the actress says that she has lines on her face, but the images say a different thing. Overall, they had done a wonderful job so that she can always give a benefit of the doubt that her beauty is just natural and not the result of an artificial surgical procedure.

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