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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hollywood’s one of the most paid actresses and one-time Academy Award winner, Sandra Bullock, recently came under a lot of scrutinies after it was reported that she went under the knife to keep young looks. The 51-year-old actress who acted in many hit movies like A Time to Kill, Speed, Crash, the Blindside, for which she won Best Actress Academy Award.

Even though celebrity undergoing the knife to improve their looks is not a new thing to Hollywood. Every time a rumor breaks out about a celebrity; it generates a lot of interest among their fans. It was same about Sandra Bullock too. When the news came about a possible plastic surgery by Sandra Bullock, many of her fans were shocked. But if you compare the picture of the actress in her young age and now, you might wonder that whether the actress has depended on a surgical procedure in her way transformation from a small times actress to one of the highest paid celebrity in the world.

When you compare the pictures, Sandra Bullock, years before looked different from Sandra Bullock we see now. All the changes are visible in her looks.

Sandra Bullock 550x309 Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After

A few years ago, a magazine even went on to quote her friends who confirmed that the actress uses the help of surgical procedure to keep her young looks, and she has been doing it regularly for past 15 years.

But we cannot confirm that these are real as the actress herself is yet to break her silence over the rumors of the possible surgery. There is no way we can find out if she had one unless she chooses to come out and confirm it. But it happens only rarely in the Hollywood.

Rumors say that Sandra Bullock has got a nose job. Experts say that if you compare her old photos to now, you can clearly see her nose is different. They say that, even though she didn’t choose to change the shape of her nose, it has shrunken by a large extent.

There is a little doubt among experts that it was the nose job she received was done fantastically well. It is difficult to understand whether she has received one as the enhancement she received is not as clear as the one Michael Jackson received.

There are also rumors about a possible Botox and facelift. It is understandable why there are these rumors as her skin doesn’t have any wrinkles and smooth despite she passing the 50-year-old mark.

Many celebrities are often criticized for receiving a bad plastic surgery. But luckily for Sandra Bullock, she is not one of them.

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