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Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Plastic surgery issue is always following South Korean celebrities, including Sandara Park. Sandara Park has been linked with plastic surgery especially for at least two procedures. Those plastic procedures are eyelid surgery and nose job.

SandaraParkPlasticSurgery Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery

Sandara Park Eyelid Surgery

It is an absolute fact that many Korean celebrities who underwent the knife have eyelid surgery done. Sandara Park is one of those who believed to get this surgery. Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty was regarded to be done by her.

As we can see in Sandara Park Before and After plastic surgery pictures, her eyelids are well reshaped. Sandara Park used to have smaller eyes look, just like common Eastern Asian people eyes look. However she is now having more open eyes looks. Her more lifted upper eyelids create fresher eyes look. It surely supports her appearance significantly.

Sandara Park Nose Job

This nose job procedure is considered to be the reason for Sandara’s nose change. Nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure has reshaped some of her nose parts. Let’s see her nasal bridge and her nose tip.

SandaraParkDara2NE1PlasticSurgery Sandara Park Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Sandara Park Dara 2NE1 Plastic Surgery

These parts were flatter in her Before photos. But, again the touches of plastic surgery specialist changed it. Her nasal bridge appears more protruding, while her nose tip is also more pointed.

Sandara herself didn’t give clear statement about some plastic surgery issues addressed to her. However, with or without her confession we all agree if Sandara Park appears more beautiful with her recent facial look. What do you think about this 30 years old singer plastic surgery?

By the way, also see Park Bom and CL (Lee Chae Rin), her mates in 2NE1 who also got the same plastic surgery issue. They seem to having the same view about plastic surgery.

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  • k1443 November 19, 2015, 4:39 am

    well…we can’t really expect for those chubby features to hang around her as she loses weight and gain beauty, right? Pretty!

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