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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rumer Willis appeared in the movie for the first time in the year 1995 in the movie “Now and Then”. He mother Demi Moore was also there in that movie. But she gained wide popularity as a contestant in the TV show Dancing with the Stars 2005. She never got the reputation for her acting talent despite being the daughter of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity couple.

She is now the center of attention with the rumors saying she might have surgery to improve the way she looks. With her mother being famous for constantly undergoing the knife to maintain her youthful looks, the speculation about Rumer did pick some interest. Given that evidence in her face, it clearly suggests that Rumer has used the help of a doctor.

Rumer Willis 550x309 Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After

The biggest change that happened to Rumer the disappearance of her wide jaw line that people found unattractive in her face. They have managed to narrow and chisel it down which makes her look more attractive.

Her lips are filled with collagen, and it now appears to be fuller. She has undergone a boob job that looks nice on her. She has also undergone a nice chin job.

Rumer is famous for constantly changing her hair dye her hair into red color and to constantly changing the hair stylist, has finally decided to use the help of a doctor to improve the way she looks to boost the chances in the industry.

But despite all this, Rumer is yet to answer or acknowledge that she did a surgery to improve her appearance, so, for now, it is all speculation that she did. But her pictures before and after the rumored surgery, you can really notice the difference that has happened to her.

Whether she did undergo the knife or whether she has finally developed into her face, she should be proud about it. She was selected as PEOPLE’s 100 most beautiful in 2008, and that proves that it has paid her off in big time. Whoever did the surgery, did a wonderful job.

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