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Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Facelift, Necklift Before After Picture

A Hollywood senior actor, Ronn Moss has become object of plastic surgery news since few years ago. The 62 years-old American actor seemed unable to resist the temptation of plastic surgery. It does make sense, since he is not young anymore. He was reported to having numerous plastic surgery procedures to preserve his youthful appearance. Public noticed that Ronn Moss just like 10-20 years younger than his real age. What are his secrets then?

Ronn Moss has been rumored gets no less than five plastic surgery procedures. Those are facelift, neck lift, Botox, facial fillers and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Some sources even believed that Ronn Moss has jaw, chin, and cheek implant.

RonnMossPlasticSurgery Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Facelift, Necklift Before After Picture

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery

From Ronn Moss before and after photos we can clearly see that his face is changing indeed. Although he is more than a half century old, but his appearance stays young as if he is 40 years old. Facelift, necklift and facial filler are believed as the secret. Facelift has played its roll well to tighten his saggy skin. Botox and other facial fillers perfectly erased any aging signs like wrinkles and lines on Ronn Moss’ face. Other good procedure can be found on his neck, where the neck lift has perfectly tightened the saggy skin.

What about his eyelid? Ronn Moss was also rumored has eyelid surgery. This procedure has helped him to get a fresher eye look. We all can see the result of his eyelid surgery, can’t we?

There are also other procedures he has. Implants and surgery procedures were rumored have been on his jaw and chin. Ronn Moss actually has kind of firm jaw line since he was young, but as the time went, he got it became saggy. So, to get his jaw shape back, he needed some works on it.

With those numerous plastic surgery procedures, Ronn Moss succeeded bring his handsome youthful face back. Although he seems started to do it a bit too far, but the result of Ronn Moss plastic surgery is so good so far. What do you think?

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