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Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Rene Russo appears so youthful in her 61 age. Her face appearance makes many people say that Rene Russo is one of celebrities who don’t age. Plastic surgery is believed as the secret behind Rene Russo facial appearance. What did she have? Well, Botox is one of the most possible procedures she underwent.

ReneRussoPlasticSurgery Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

Rene Russo Botox Injection

As you can clearly see in Rene Russo before and after plastic surgery photos, she doesn’t much change if compared with her in the past. In her 60s, Rene Russo just like her in 30 years ago. There are no aging signs appear that indicate she is an old woman. The laugh lines, frown, wrinkles and crow’s feet disappeared from her face.

Rene herself said that healthy life is one of reasons for her appearance. She tries to avoid of getting too much smoking and drinking. However, her youthful face is too good coming from only healthy life. What about from healthy cosmetic surgery procedure? Rene Russo possibly got at least botox injected in her face.

The best part of Rene Russo plastic surgery procedure is, her doctor gave her appropriate dosage. Unlike Uma Thurman, Renee Zellweger and Daryl Hannah who botched their faces with overdone Botox, Rene Russo didn’t go crazy with it. She was wise enough in playing with Botox. The prize of her good decision is the amazing youthful face appearance that would envy many women out there.

ReneRussoPlasticSurgeryPicture Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Picture

We can see now Rene Russo always appears confident without worry about the aging signs in her old age. It is the same condition with her a few decades ago. What do you think about Rene Russo plastic surgery result? By the way, also see Christie Brinkley, another real “forever young” example that would also amaze you.

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