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Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ray Liotta is one of American actors who botched his face by plastic surgery. As we all knew, the 60 years-old man had handsome and masculine face in the past. It surely attracted many women out there. Sadly, that nice face appearance has been changed in to something worse, much worse.

RayLiottaFacelift Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ray Liotta Facelift

Ray Liotta Facelift and Botox

You maybe wonder what kind of procedure Ray Liotta had. Actor who portrayed Henry Hill in drama Goodfellas has been suspected to get plastic surgery at least for facelift and botox injection. Actually there is no clear statement from Liotta that admit the plastic surgery. Contrarily, he tended to deny plastic surgery.

But as you can see from Ray Liotta’s before after plastic surgery pictures, it is hard to argue plastic surgery. The result of surgeon’s works are obvious on his face.

Facelift is the most possible procedure associated with that ruined face. He got it overdone. The  Botox looked like to add the unnatural skin on his face. The combination of these two procedures has made kind of uneven facial skin.

RayLiottaPlasticSurgery Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Ray Liotta Facial Fillers

Some fillers also injected on his face. We should blame his surgeon who injected it overdose. You can clearly see how Liotta’s cheek is puffier. It also plays role in making that weird smile on his lips.

Actually, we may accept if he wanted to get younger looks, but the overdone plastic surgery is surely hard to be accepted. There is nothing more to say since his pictures explain better.What do you think?

Ray Liotta is not the only male American celebrity who got bad plastic surgery procedure. There are Burt Reynolds, Kenny Rogers and Ron Moss who also ruined their faces via plastic surgery.

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