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Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery nightmare can be found on this Indian politician, dancer, actress & television talk show host, Rakhi Sawant. There are a lot of things to do to boost your popularity. And Rakhi Sawant is one of Bollywood celebrities who well known with controversy and bad news rather than the good ones. She then added the controversy and the bad thing about her by conducting plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the plastic surgery created a horrible looks on her face. However, the actress seems happy and more confident with plastic surgery nightmare that obviously seen on her face.

RakhiSawantPlasticSurgery Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery

Rakhi Sawant Pastic Surgery Before and After

Judging from her before and after plastic surgery, Rakhi Sawant has her own obsession to enhance her appearance. It means that the nip and tuck procedure was performed not only for the facial area. It’s obvious that she was doing something to enhance her entire body through several plastic surgery procedures. But people attention seems more focus on her facial appearance. It’s because that the changing face of Rakhi Sawant is so easy to see. She may remain silence because she loves sensation and is enjoying it. But it’s likely that she never realizes her plastic surgery seems so awful here.

Rakhi Sawant with Her Nose Job and Lip Enhancement

Two obvious procedures that can be seen from her face are the lip enhancement and nose job. Those are really obvious whenever you compare her before and after pictures. Her nose looks slimmer, it looks too small for her wide face. She used to have a big and wide nose shape, but it then transformed into a better small one, as you can see today. Beside that nose, Rakhi Sawant is also showing us her lips were touched by plastic surgeon. Her lips look so thick, and is bigger compared than hers before. It may some CCs silicone or saline was injected there.

Rakhi Sawant Got Liposuction and Breast Implants, too

For her body enhancement, this 36 years old woman may also get the liposuction and breast implants procedures. Her body that looks slimmer than before strengthens the speculation that surgery has taken up the fat from her body. The liposuction possibly performed on her thighs, belly and arms. Besides that, Rakhi Sawant may also get breast implants. Her cleavage that appear bigger and fuller, strengthens the speculation that she got the surgery for her breasts.

RakhiSawantPlasticSurgeryPicture Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Lucky for her, unlike some plastic surgeries that made her face worse, her liposuction and breast implants surely made her to appear sexier. What do you think about Rakhi Sawant plastic surgery results? Share your comments in the comment box bellow. Also, see other female Indian celebrity plastic surgeries such as Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Ayesha Takia.

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