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Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

We would agree that Paul McCartney was the most handsome among other members of The Beatles. No wonder that beside his skill in music, his face was also another factor that supported their band fame. But well, it’s a long time ago. Paul McCartney is an old man now. His age is touching the number 72. He may have good genes, but many things are changing today. Paul McCartney look is changing quite significantly. This legendary musician shows the indication of several plastic surgery procedures mainly on his face.

PaulMcCartneyPlasticSurgery Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After

What do you think after seeing Paul McCartney plastic surgery pictures? His before and after photo indeed shows significant change, doesn’t it? Some said that Paul McCartney pushed himself so hard to make himself forever young. Unfortunately, plastic surgery seems not a good friend for him. It didn’t give him positive result at all. People then wonder what Paul McCartney motive behind this plastic surgery. Some said that due to he is dating younger woman, he needs plastic surgery to enhance his looks.

Of course Paul McCartney is not the only male celebrity who botched his face through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has been bringing nightmare for many celebrities. See Kenny Rogers, Barry Manilow and Wayne Newton as the examples.

Botox and Eyelid Surgery for Sir Paul McCartney

The most obvious plastic surgery results that can be seen on his face are the botox and eyelid surgery. The Botox helps this English musician to remove wrinkles and aging sign from his face. It also effectively smoothens lines there.

The bad part of his Botox is, he seemed to get a bit overdone. It left the stiff and frozen looks that hard to hide from his face. Further, botox is also leaving a feminine look on McCartney face. Beside botox, Paul McCartney may also get the work done on eye areas to fix its baggy look. Through the Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) he got a new eyes appearance.

PaulMcCartneyPlasticSurgeryPicture Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Picture

Hair Transplant makes Paul McCartney Younger

Paul McCartney is also trying to keep his youthful looks through hairs transplant procedure. He used to experience hair loss due to his age that getting older. But thanks to hair transplant now his hair looks thicker. Unlike the botox that gave him a bit bad result, the hair transplant worked well there. This hair transplant surely makes him looks better. What do you think?

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