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Patti Scialfa Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Some changes on Patti Scialfa made herself rumored to get the work done. Patti Scialfa was rumored to get plastic surgery related to her face changes. Some of her facial parts like nose is suspected to get the surgeon’s touch. Besides, her face skin also invited the people suspicion. So, what has the rumor said? Patti Scialfa possibly has nose job and Botox injection.

PattiScialfaPlasticSurgeryPicture Patti Scialfa Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Patti Scialfa Plastic Surgery Picture

Patti Scialfa Nose Job

Patti Scialfa didn’t give clear statement about her plastic surgery rumor. The 61 years old American musician seems not disturbed, including with the nose job issue. However you can see in Before and After plastic surgery pictures of Patti Scialfa where she has slight change on her nose.

Nose job (Rhinoplasty) could be the reason behind that change. Although it is debatable, but the chance of the nose job rumor to become a truth is big enough. Patti Scialfa probably visited the nose specialist to get a minor Rhinoplasty procedure.

Well, it’s rather to difficult to say that she got good or bad nose job result. At glance, her nose is still in the same shape with hers in the past. Except, now she has more pointed and better-shaped nose. Her today nose suits her face well. What do you think?

Patti Scialfa Botox Injection

The suspicion about Botox is reasonable since Patti Scialfa is not a young woman anymore. In her 60s, her face doesn’t clearly show the aging signs. A rare thing that happens to 60s women. However Patti Scialfa often appears unnatural with flawless face skin on her. This ‘Rock n Roll Mama’ seemed to get Botox a bit too much.

PattiScialfaPlasticSurgery Patti Scialfa Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Patti Scialfa Plastic Surgery

We couldn’t deny if the wrinkles-free face is good for her, but we also couldn’t deny if her  face looks unnatural. Too smooth and too good considering her age.

Also see other female musicians who got plastic surgery like Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton and Katey Sagal.

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