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Patrick Dempsey Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Did Patrick Dempsey have a nose job? This question is asked by many people these days. Although the nose job has been associated with Patrick Dempsey since few years ago, but public keep curious with the truth until today. The 48 years-old American actor didn’t clearly admit that he has had his nose done.

PatrickDempseyNoseJob Patrick Dempsey Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Patrick Dempsey Nose Job

However, some experts gave us some clues about the truth of Dempsey’s nose job. After comparing Patrick Dempsey’s before after plastic surgery pictures, the doctors said that Patrick could be went under the knife for rhinoplasty (nose job).

An American facial plastic surgeon based in Florida, Michael L. Schwartz, MD, suspected that Patrick Dempsey had the works done on some parts of his nose.

“Hard to say from just this photo but looks like a routine rhinoplasty with conservative cephalic cartilage trim, tip shaping and osteotomy. I would doubt any alar base reduction. Two week recovery for light activity, sic for full. All rhinoplasties will continue to change subtly over the first year.” as the doctor told realself.com

Another American plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles, Dr. Rawnsley seemed to having the same view about Patrick Dempsey’s nose.

“Patrick Dempsey of Gray’s Anatomy underwent a mid-career rhinoplasty which did the opposite of what most people desire. Instead of softening his look it made his nose more distinctive, noticeable and asymmetrical.” Rawnsley typed on his personal blog.

PatrickDempseyPlasticSurgery Patrick Dempsey Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery

After some valuable explanations from the experts, you can make your own judgment. From before and after pictures of him, we all surely can see how Patrick’s nose was changing.

Patrick Dempsey should learn from female celebrities like Amy Adams, Elisha Cuthbert and Jenna Dewan who got better results of the nose job. Compare their nose job results.

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