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Park Bom 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Park Bom is just one of many female South Korean idols who have plastic surgery. However, Park Bom plastic surgery news is also one of the most famous in the Korean entertainment world. Park Bom has been known to having several plastic procedures on her face and body since years ago. But following today’s Korean Wave popularity trend, so does Park Bom’s personal life.

As the main vocalist of famous girl group 2NE1, public would be easily to find even every small changes on her. The surgeons’ work is easy to find on Park Bom’s today appearance.

So, what does Park Bom have? Singer who was born on March 24, 1984, was reported to get multiple plastic surgery procedures. Those are nose job, lip injection, Botox, eyelid surgery, chin implants and boob job.

ParkBomPlasticSurgery Park Bom 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Park Bom Nose Job

Actually Park Bom has confirmed that she gets “only” some plastic surgery procedures. She stated that not all procedures reported by mass media were really on her. But nose job is surely one of procedures she gets.

The nose job (or rhinoplasty) has reshaped her former bulbous nose into a slimmer and narrower one. She gets the benefit of nose job like other Korean celebrities have. Other female Korean celebs who get good result of the nose job are Lee Bo Young and Kim Ah Joong.

Park Bom Eyelid Surgery

Another procedure that was associated with her is eyelid surgery. This is actually a common procedure chosen by many plastic surgery patients in South Korea, since most of Korean are wanting bigger and fresher eyes look. To make it happen, then the eyelid surgery is the only answer.

ParkBom2NE1PlasticSurgery Park Bom 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Park Bom 2NE1 Plastic Surgery

Park Bom Botox

On the other hand, Botox injection gave benefit on her facial skin. Botox made her facial skin flawless and free of aging signs. She is 30 years-old now, an age when she should anticipate the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. We can see the result of good botox in Park Bom before and after plastic surgery pictures.

Park Bom Implants and Lip Filler

Chin implants and lip injection are other procedures linked to Park Bom. Public saw that Park’s chin and lips appear different than it used to. However, Park Bom face and body continuously to appear different on different occasions. Yes, she seems to go a bit crazy playing with numerous plastic procedures.

Park Bom Boob Job

Park Bom ever caught to appear with big breasts on some occasions. Her breasts were much bigger than what she has in the past. Just by seeing the before after picture which is widely spreading on the internet, we could find that something unnatural is there. Since then, without need experts’ explanations, people strongly believe that Park Bom has boob job done.

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