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Pamela Anderson plastic surgery (Before and After pics)

Known for her role in the movie Baywatch, Pamela Anderson is one of the biggest celebrity on the planet. But recently she has drawn a lot of criticism from her fans and experts after the rumors of a possibility of getting different plastic surgery have come out. Rumors say that she has undergone a series of surgical procedures as she desperately tried to hold on to her youthful looks. Even though it has left her fans wondering why did she do that in the first place as they feel Pamela was stunning even before the surgery.

For Pamela, all the changes happened to her was prominent ones, so it was easy for people to spot that she has undergone one surgery. It was clear from her pictures that she has undergone a surgical procedure.

Pamela Anderson 550x309 Pamela Anderson plastic surgery (Before and After pics)

As for a start, Pamela Anderson looks like she has received a breast implant. The size of her natural breasts was so small to the size compared now. It is said that she was not happy with her natural breasts and decided to use the help of a surgeon to enhance the size. These rumors first broke out when people compared her pictures from the past to the latest ones. The difference in the size is easy to notice. Even though some fans came out to support the idea, many of them think she shouldn’t have done it. And to their relief, Pamela looked unhappy with the result of her implants and went back to remove it. When was asked about this drastic changes, she has acknowledged that about the breast implantation and said that she was more than happy with her natural breasts so she decided to change the sizes.

The use of Botox has helped keep wrinkles from her face away despite her being in her late forties. Reports say Pamela Anderson is a regular user of Botox. Use of lip injection is also mentioned after it was seen that her lips now look lot filler than they were.

Her face looks more glowing that has sprouted the rumors of a possible face lift as well.

A nose job is another rumored surgery that Pamela Anderson received. The tip of her nose has been enhanced, and she now has a more feminine look. Her nose wasn’t in this way before.

Pamela Anderson is another person who has lost her natural looks after undergoing the surgery. Nobody understands why she decided to change her natural looks as most of her fans preferred that over what she looks now.

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