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Olivia Newton John Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Has Olivia Newton John had plastic surgery? You may be one of those who ask this question. Olivia Newton John has got her plastic surgery rumors since she appeared so differently recently. Everybody knows that 66 years-old singer had natural beautiful face in her young age. But it seemed that plastic surgery has changed everything. Olivia Newton John now appears as if she is different person.

OliviaNewtonJohnBotox Olivia Newton John Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Olivia Newton John Botox

Olivia is strongly believed to get the surgeon’s works for those changes on her face. Several procedures such as botox injection, eyelid surgery, brow lift, lips injection and other facial fillers have been there.

Olivia Newton John Botox, Lips Injections and Facial Fillers

As mentioned above, Olivia is not a young woman anymore. At her 60s age, it is reasonable if she wants a younger facial appearance. Botox, a popular way to make you looks younger, has been believed to be on Olivia’s face.

Botox has successfully erased the lines on forehead as well as crow’s feet on the eyes area. Some injectable fillers were also on her lips and other face area. Take a look on her lips and her cheek carefully. Fillers made those features looked puffier on Olivia. A prominent plastic surgeon in America, Dr. Anthony Youn gave us clue about this.

“Olivia is such a natural beauty that it’s a shame she appears to be getting  treatments by a plastic surgeon.  Her face looks puffier than it should, possibly due to too many injections of filler.” Dr. Youn typed on his personal blog. What do you think?
OliviaNewtonJohnPlasticSurgery Olivia Newton John Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery

Olivia Newton John Eyelid Surgery, Brow Lift

Eyelid-reshaping seemed to attract her to get plastic surgery. The result of eyelid surgery (or medically called as blepharoplasty) is obvious. As you can see in the before after plastic surgery picture, Olivia Newton’s upper eyelids are more lifted than it used to be. You can also find some changes on her eyebrows. These parts have also got the surgeon’s touch. We all can see it, can’t we?

It is hard to determine whether Olivia gets the bad or good plastic surgery result. But she would better if stop playing with plastic surgeon’s knife, or she would ruin her own face, just like Hunter Tylo and Tori Amos showed us.

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