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Nikki Cox plastic surgery pics (Before and After)

It is always a big new when a celebrity decides to undergo plastic surgery. Even though it is nothing new to Hollywood, it still generates plenty of interest among people. Tabloids and so-called experts will celebrate the news for a long time. So when the Nikki Cox has undergone the surgery to improve her looks, it too picked up plenty of interest among her fans. The actress in her late thirties now has reportedly got some surgeries as she tried to keep her young looks.

When you compare pictures of Nikki Cox from the past to what she looks now, you can clearly see that a lot have changed in her. The first thing you notice in Nikki Cox is that her lips have changed on a great scale. Her lips have become fuller and bigger now. When compared to her old photos, her upper lips look to be reduced while her lower lips look to have undergone an augmentation. And sadly it hasn’t worked for her. She now has terrible, unnatural looks

Nikki Cox 550x309 Nikki Cox plastic surgery pics (Before and After)

Apart from the lip augmentation, Nikki Cox also reportedly received abreast implantation. She now looks to have a bigger breasts. Even though you can make your breasts look bigger with the use of a push-up bra, the way Nikki Cox’s breast looks says that she has received a boob job.

Many experts claim that she might have also received an eye lift as her eyes now look smaller and little tighter than before. Her cheeks now look plumped which can the result of a cheek implant surgery. The possibility of having a Botox injection is also rumored as her face is free of any wrinkles or line and looks like the face of the young girl.

Nikki Cox looked gorgeous even before her surgery. So there fans still wonder why she decided to get surgery in the first place. Even though initially she looked to have done a good job, things got terribly wrong for her when she decided to get a permanent lip job. Plastic surgery can make you looks good have helped to improve the looks of plenty of celebrities. But unfortunately, for Nikki Cox, she isn’t one. She is often categorized as one of the bad plastic surgery ever. Plastic surgery has taken all the natural charm she had in her and has made her almost unrecognizable. This is why most of her fans still criticize her for deciding to undergo the knife.

after11 550x275 Nikki Cox plastic surgery pics (Before and After)

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