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Nicole Kidman Bad and Good Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nicole Kidman is one of American (as well as Australian) actresses who gets plastic surgery throughout her body and face. After years of denial, Nicole Kidman ever admitted that she got plastic surgery procedure.

Back in 2011, 47 years-old lady had admitted that she got botox injected. But people believe that she has had more than Botox. And recently, Kidman (again) heating up her cosmetic surgery matters. She appeared with different features. Nicole Kidman has had some other possible procedures, such as breast implants, nose job, lips augmentation and facelift.

NicoleKidmanBreastImplants Nicole Kidman Bad and Good Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nicole Kidman Breast Implants

Nicole Kidman Boob Job

Her chest has been a public attention since years ago. Apparently, Nicole Kidman’s breasts are continuously changing. Back in 2009, spouse of Keith Urban caught by cameras to appear with new breasts shape. It’s so round. Even many people considered that the breast implants has made Nicole Kidman’s boobs were getting unnaturally rounded. It then invited many criticisms.

Recently, her breasts have successfully made public surprised. This time Nicole Kidman appeared with even better boobs. Not only about the size, her breasts are also having better shape. A famous plastic surgeon in America, Dr. Anthony Youn gives comment about Nicole.

“Nicole Kidman recently resurfaced in Australia with a noticeably larger chest.  She appears to have gone from a large A to a full C.  I suspect that the surgery may been quite recent, as she looks like she may still be a bit swollen.” Youn wrote on his personal blog.

NicoleKidmanLipsAugmentationPlasticSurgery Nicole Kidman Bad and Good Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nicole Kidman Lips Augmentation Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman’s Nose Job and Lips Augmentation

Nose is one of her facial parts that gets the surgeon’s touch. Luckily, she gets the dosage in appropriate way. From Nicole Kidman’s before after plastic surgery pictures, we can see that nose job (or medically known as rhinoplasty) left a subtle result on her nose.

Contrarily, major change found on her lips. The lips augmentation has significantly changed her upper and lower lips. Actress who played in the film Batman Forever and Australia used to have thin lips. Lips enhancement via filler injections has made her lips fuller. Restylane and Juvederm are the best lip fillers for that.

Beside those procedures, facelift and even chemical peels are also suspected on her. Nicole Kidman seems to taking lesson from her plastic surgery in the past. If her former plastic surgery made people criticize her, this time she reverses it. She gets good plastic surgery result after felt the bad one. Many people adore her recent appearances. How about you?

Talking about good results of boob job, nose job and Botox, perhaps Scarlett Johansson and Anna Faris also got it. Although they didn’t have the same age with Nicole Kidman, but they seems to having the same view about those plastic surgeries.

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