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Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
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Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nicolas Cage has been a plastic surgery report subject since a few years ago. His unnatural face is the trigger of the plastic surgery issue. Facelift, Botox, nose job, even hair transplant and dental work are the associated procedures with Nicolas Cage.

NicolasCagePlasticSurgery Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery

Facelift and Botox

You may be surprised when you see Nicolas Cage plastic surgery pictures. Nicolas Cage before and after photos draw how he appears much unnatural these days. His newer pictures suggest us that he possibly gets plastic surgeon’s touch. It is facelift that coming as the main procedure Nicolas possibly gets. He is 51 years old, but his face doesn’t show significant aging signs.

Facelift combined with Botox could be his reason for that. Botox seems to helping Nicolas Cage in erasing frown and other lines on his face. But, just like many other American celebrities who over-injected it, so did Nicolas Cage. As the result of this overdone Botox, his face face looks too smooth, too flawless for him.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Well, nose job rumor is not a new report. Nicolas Cage has been linked with the nose job procedure since more than five years ago. An expert helps public to see the truth. An American plastic surgeon, Dr Paul S. Nassif sees that Nicolas Cage gets it.

“Nicolas Cage may have had a rhinoplasty a long time ago, as his nose appears to be a little pinched. He could also benefit from hair transplant surgery or a better hairpiece,” said doctor who specializes himself in Facial Plastic, Reconstructive and Rhinoplasty.

NicolasCagePlasticSurgeryPicture Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Picture

Hair Transplant and Dental Work

We can’t say that these two procedures are parts of Nicolas Cage plastic surgery. But we could say that hair transplant and teeth refinement are his ways to enhance his appearance beside plastic surgery. You can see the result of it in his Before and After pictures. We may not know how far these procedures affect his confidence, but at glance these don’t enhance his appearance significantly.

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