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Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Everybody knows and would admit that this an American actress, Minka Kelly is a beautiful woman. She is not only beautiful but is also having brilliant acting skill. But her beautiful look makes herself as the subject of plastic surgery issue. 34 years old actress who is known for her roles in the series Friday Night Lights (2006), Parenthood (2010) and Charlie’s Angels (2011) is said to having some beauty enhancements via surgeon’s knife.

Being an actress in Hollywood seems a hard profession. If you look ugly, or out of most people expectation, then people would bad-mouthing you and say that you are not suitable for that place. But uniquely, by being perfect, beautiful and fascinating like Minka Kelly, doesn’t always make you comfort. That condition makes Minka Kelly associated with plastic surgery procedure.

MinkaKellyNoseJob Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Minka Kelly Nose Job

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Actually, except her nose, there are no other of her facial parts that significantly change. By examining Minka Kelly plastic surgery before and after pictures, it’s rather difficult to decide that she has other plastic surgeries or not. Her before and after photos show us that she is beautiful since she was young.

It then makes some people doubt about excessive plastic surgery speculation that was accused to her. But well, Hollywood environment may never let their actresses to live peacefully. Like other famous American women, Minka Kelly then also rumored put herself under the knife to enhance her appearance.

Minka Kelly with Botox and Facial Filler Speculations

Minka Kelly plastic surgery is mainly on her face. By judging her appearance, the most possible plastic surgery procedure performed by her surgeon is the botox and or facial filler injection. Minka is 34 years old, and the botox could help her to remove aging signs that may come earlier on her face. Her forehead looks so tight and toned without any single line seen there. She also removed the laugh lines and crow’s feet with the help of botox. Her lips that remain full and sexy may also the result of the Restylane or Juvederm.

Minka Kelly against Plastic Surgery

Minka Kelly revealed that she was offered free plastic surgery for nude posing in Playboy Magazine. Specifically, she said that at her 19 years old, Playboy offered her plastic surgery for breast implants.

“I was 19. She was very seductive and said that she wanted to manage me and that I had a lot of potential. She said that she could get me a job at this doctor’s office in return for plastic surgery, which I would need to be a Playboy Playmate,” Kelly revealed. But Kelly then turned the job off and denied the breast augmentation offer.

MinkaKellyPlasticSurgery Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery

Expert Words about Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery

Although Minka Kelly said that she turned the breast implant offer, but not for the botox and facial filler. Plastic surgery expert said that there are signs of botox and other fillers on Kelly’s face. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer said, “Minka Kelly has earned her title. Beautiful full lips, smooth skin and perfect curves, but I do think she has had a bit of help getting her sexy look. Fillers in her lips, Botox in her forehead, a perfect profile from a Rhinoplasty (nose job) and possibly a breast augmentation.”

Although experts’ words are not entirely reflecting the truth, but at least it gives us valuable clues about procedures that Minka Kelly possibly had. What do you think?

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