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Mickey Rourke plastic surgery pictures (before and after)

It rarely happens for Male celebrities to come under catechization of getting it all wrong in the plastic surgery. Even though it is often considered as a woman thing, plastic surgery is quite often familiar among the male celebrities as well. But only rarely they are being mentioned with plastic surgery. Unfortunately for celebrities like Legendary singer Axl Rose and Michael Jackson, they are categorized as the classic example of people who got it all wrong with the plastic surgery. One such name that can be added to this list is Mickey Rourke. The actor who ruled the Hollywood industry back in 1980’s after staring in hot movies like Angel Heart.

The actor who also tried a hand in boxing returned to the acting to become the part in the global hit movies that includes Iron Man, Sin City, The wrestlers and others.

Mickey Rourke 550x309 Mickey Rourke plastic surgery pictures (before and after)

Mickey Rourke is often seen as one the stars who admitted that he has gone under the knife to improve the way he looks and then goes down to the category as one of the worst plastic surgery every.

Like most of the celebrities, Mickey Rourke has done a nose job as he tried to reshape his nose. Then he received surgery on his ears as well. He has already acknowledged that he have received face life and an implant on his cheek.

His face lift has gone terribly wrong and is now looks like a completely different person that he was at once.

Those who support Mickey Rourke say that it is perfectly understandable why he decided to get one surgery. In his six wins out 8 in professional boxing he is said to he received various damages on his face. It is said that his nose was broken a few times as well as his cheekbones. So according to them, it was needed as he wanted to reconstruct his career as an actor.

But the specialist to whom he went didn’t do a good job as well. The surgery has left him many injuries. It has also made him look totally unrecognizable as well.

after 3 366x550 Mickey Rourke plastic surgery pictures (before and after)

The case of Mickey Rourke is very rare. Usually, celebrities chose the plastic surgery to make look themselves young. But for Mickey Rourke, he had to do it because of the damage his short career in boxing has done to him. So he deserves a benefit of sympathy.

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